Obstetric Services

Having a baby, whether it’s your first or your third is one of the most special and exciting moments in your life.  My aim is to ensure that I provide a caring and non-judgemental environment so that you feel comfortable and supported throughout your pregnancy journey.

As your obstetrician, I will work with you to tailor a personalised plan for your child birth, while ensuring the highest level of care for you and your baby.

I provide the following obstetrics services:

Pregnancy Planning & Pre-pregnancy counselling and assessment
Some women have experienced previous complicated pregnancies or pregnancy losses, or have complex medical issues which may affect their pregnancy.  I can help with the preparation required in order to optimise your pregnancy outcomes.

Routine antenatal care, including bedside ultrasound
Ideally, your first appointment with me is between 7 and 12 weeks of pregnancy.  To monitor the health of your baby and your pregnancy, I will see you monthly until you reach 28 weeks.  After that, I will see you fortnightly until 36 weeks, and weekly until your baby is born.  I will be your obstetrician throughout the whole of your pregnancy, allowing me to fully understand your needs and ensure you have attentive, personalised, and uninterrupted care.

An ultrasound scan is normally performed at your first visit to check on the health of your pregnancy and to confirm your due date.  If the need arises, a late pregnancy ultrasound is also done to assess your baby’s well-being.

Management of high risk pregnancies such as:

  • gestational diabetes and pre-existing diabetes
  • multiple pregnancies
  • pre-eclampsia

Fetal monitoring with cardiotocography (CTG)
We are one of the few obstetricians in Brisbane who offer the convenience of having the facility of fetal monitoring with CTG in the consulting rooms without having to present to a hospital. For mothers who are uncertain about the health of their baby because they are feeling fewer fetal movements, fetal CTG monitoring provides immediate reassurance.

For women with higher risk pregnancies, fetal CTG can also be used as a measure to check on the health of the baby during the third trimester.

Labour Management

  • Normal delivery
  • Instrumental vaginal delivery
  • Caesarean section
  • Vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC)
  • Vaginal delivery for twins
  • Water birth

Postnatal care
Postnatal care is an important aspect of the pregnancy journey; it can be a challenging time following childbirth, especially for new parents.  I will be there to support you and review your physical and emotional well-being.

On-call arrangement
I provide after-hours cover for my patients during the week and I am rarely unavailable.  I do, however participate in a weekend on-call roster with other trusted obstetricians who I have worked with for many years to allow for the times when I am unavailable.

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