Mater Mothers’ Private Hospital

Dr. Loh delivers exclusively at the Mater Mothers’ Private Hospital Brisbane.  Most pregnancies and births are routine, but in the unlikely event of a complication, you can feel assured knowing that you are in safe hands and have access to the full range of amenities of the largest maternity and newborn services facility in Queensland, the Mater Mothers’ Private Hospital.

Why have your baby at the Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane Hospital?

Mater Mothers’ Private Hospital Brisbane is Queensland’s largest private maternity and newborn facility.  Patients benefit from a comprehensive selection of exceptional support facilities for themselves and their family.  For women with high-risk pregnancies, Mater offers a state-of-the-art maternal fetal medicine service which provides expert diagnosis and management of complex obstetric cases.  If your baby needs extra care after birth, the Mater also has one of Australia’s leading Neonatal Critical Care Units.

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How do you book into Mater Mothers Private Brisbane Hospital to have your baby?

You can do so by contacting booking-in service on (07) 3163 8847 or by booking online through the Mater patient portal. To book antenatal classes at the Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane, please contact (07) 3163 8847.

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